Test Automation Shell for DPR-120

Debug Test Automation

Test Automation Shell (TA Shell) is a way for automating the functions available in DPR-120 DTC graphical user interface. Using the simple command structure in TA Shell the user can store and recall the vital and often used debug and evaluation test sequences.

Access to all DPR-120 Registers

The scripts can include reading of link status information or writing DPR-120 registers. You can e.g. read or write DPCD registers or the EDID in block or by individual bytes. Predefined TA Shell command sequences can be run directly from command line or from within applications without any linked libraries. In addition to the DPR-120 related commands, TA Shell scripts can include Windows system commands e.g. for report file handling.

Ideal for Repeated Tests

Application areas of TA Shell are in development, design validation and quality assurance tests where test sequences have to be repetitively run and results collected for later use. 


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