DPR-120 Debug And Test Controller GUI

DPR-120 Debug and Test Controller GUI (DTC) is a tool for running DP Link Compliance Tests and for verifying the performance of DisplayPort Source devices. DTC is the user interface of DPR-120 Reference Sink and Branch test equipment.

DP Alt Mode

DPR-120 with Debug and Test Controller GUI is an optimal tool also for verifying the performance of USB Type-C Source devices. They can be connected to DPR-120 via an USB-C to DP cable adapter. For learning more, please contact Unigraf



Upstream Link Status and
Received Streams

  • Monitor Link Status and Video Signal Status
  • Change Link Configuration
  • Monitor Video Frame CRC
  • Monitor Timeslot Allocation in a stream (option)
  • Apply short and long HPD pulse

Monitor AUX Traffic in the
Upstream Link

  • Log all AUX transactions
  • View logs as transaction matrix
    • Time stamp
    • Message source
    • Message type
    • Message details in short format
    • Data in hex
  • View transaction details in parsed format
  • Highlight selected data for improved reading
  • Filter viewed data for clarity
  • Store and retrieve AUX Logs in a file
  • Store AUX Logs in a HTML report
  • Licence enabled feature

EDID of the Local Sink

  • Load and save EDID from a hex file
  • Append loaded EDID file
  • Read and program local EDID
  • Retrieve default EDID
  • Review EDID data in hex
  • Review EDID data parsed to logical fields
  • Edit EDID data by fields

Main Stream Attributes of the Received Streams

  • Log MSA of the selected MST stream
    • Time stamp
    • Video status
    • Timing details
    • Sync details
    • Color format
    • Color depth
  • Save log in a file

Video Frame CRC of the Received Streams

  • Log video frame CRC
    • Time stamp
    • CRC of Red, Green and Blue color component
  • Save log in a file

Local DPCD

  • Read local DPCD data in two separate address ranges
  • Monitor DPCD data in hex
  • Monitor DPCD location content in parsed format
  • Modify DPCD register content
  • Compare DPCD register changes
  • Store and retrieve DPCD register content in a file

Link Compliance Tests

  • Run VESA certified Link Compliance tests
  • Run tests individually or in sequences
  • Review the results of the tests
  • Review performed test steps in reference to VESA standard
  • Store detailed test description as HTML report
  • Licence enabled feature

Source DUT capabilities Statement

  • Set DUT Capabilities according to VESA standard



This presentation describes the principles of verifying a PC as a multi-stream DisplayPort source.

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