Testing DP 1.2 and HDMI 2.0 Interfaces

User Interface for UCD-300 Series

UCD Console GUI is a tool for debugging HDMI and DisplayPort sink and source devices using UCD-300 series Reference Source and Reference Sink test equipment. The user is able to control the parameters of the reference device and monitor the behavior of the tested sink or source in all possible use cases. Each role and functionality of the reference device is presented on clear, task oriented panels of the GUI to help maintain an efficient, organized debug session.

Reference Sink and Reference Source Tester Roles

UCD Console GUI will adapt to the test session at hand. The GUI for each display interface is presented for the user as a separate Role. The functions used in each Role are presented as tabs. Each tab contains views and controls for a certain feature of the interface. In this way the user has an at-a-glance visibility for the status of the interface. A vital advantage during extended debug sessions. 

UCD Console Functions

Please click on the four links below for explanation of the functions available for each Role and Tab of UCD Console GUI. Please refer to UCD Console User Manual (download from the panel on the right) for a detailed description of each function.


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