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Leading Supplier of DP CTS Tools

Unigraf is a worldwide leading supplier of Compliance Test Tools for testing DisplayPort™ Sink and Source Devices. Unigraf is the sole supplier for Link Compliance Tests for DisplayPort 1.2 and DisplayPort 1.4a.

Unigraf offers CTS Test Tools for USB Type-C DP Alt Mode. Unigraf's UCD-340 is the only DCP Approved HDCP 2.3 CTS Test Tool for testing USB Type-C DP Alt Mode Sinks and Sources.

Authorized Test Tools

  • Unigraf DisplayPort Compliance Testing (CTS) Tools are qualified by VESA for use as Authorized Test Tools for DisplayPort™ Link Layer compliance testing.
  • Unigraf DisplayPort Compliance Testing (CTS) Tools are qualified by DCP LLC for use as Authorized Test Tools for DisplayPort™ HDCP 2.3 CTS testing.

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  • DCP Approved HDCP 2.3 CTS Test Tools

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  • CTS test tools for DP 1.4a Link Layer compliance

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  • CTS test tools for DP 1.2 Link Layer compliance
  • Monitoring the AUX Channel during CTS testing
  • How to automate Link CTS testing

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  • Tools to automate DP PHY CTS testing

GUI, FW and HW


Unigraf CTS tools consist of three components:

  • Windows graphical user interface (GUI) application,
  • Target firmware (FW) for the DisplayPort™ controller 
    chip located in the TE.
  • Unigraf Reference Sink or Reference Source
    Test Equipment (TE) hardware

The actual tests are implemented by the FW, while system control and status reporting are done by the GUI. The FW implements both the functions needed in the CTS tests and the normal functionality as DP video generator or frame grabber.

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Which CTS Tests are Included?

Click in the link below to download a Guide to Unigraf CTS Tool Options. It describes in detail the contents of each CTS Test tool option referring to test numbers in VESA and DCP LLC documents.

Download CTS Tool Versions

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