AUX Controllers for PHY Test Automation

Automate PHY CTS

DisplayPort AUX Controller function for DPR-100 and DPT-200 is used to control the D.U.T. for automating the DisplayPort physical layer compliance tests. The AUX Controller communicates with the DUT to bring it is the state needed for the test. The use of AUX Controller inhibits the user interaction with the DUT.


Save Time

Combining Unigraf AUX Controller with the automation feature of an Oscilloscope or a Bit Error Rate Analyzer (BERT) eliminates the need for user interaction during the test. User can simply configure the desired tests to run and work on other tasks while the tests are being executed. The time saving is considerable since a four-lane DP 1.2 device requires over 1700 data acquisitions for complete characterisation.

Compliant with KeySight and LeCroy

Unigraf AUX Controller feature is compatible with KeySight (Agilent) DSO90000A series oscilloscopes and the J-BERT N4903B using the U7232B and N5990A test automation software packages. Unigraf AUX Controller for DPR-100 is also compatible with Teledyne LeCroy WM830Zi-A oscilloscopes.


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